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Novoxel® has developed a novel fractional micro-tip aesthetic technology for Thermo-Mechanical Ablation (TMA). TMA is a platform for the development of lightweight, miniaturized and cost-effective products.

Powered by TMA technology, Novoxel introduces the Tixel, a new paradigm in skin rejuvenation therapy. Tixel allows for a precise, accurate and painless tissue evaporation without causing undesired thermal damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Treatments are safe with fast healing times. Topical anesthesia and cooling are not required. Tixel is versatile, covering the treatment spectrum of both superficial and deep ablative lasers and can also be set to non-ablative mode, transferring heat to the dermis while sparing the epidermis.
Novoxel’s technology is patent pending worldwide and was developed over a 5-year period by a team of scientists and highly skilled engineers in collaboration with world-renowned medical experts.

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